Slotted angle 1

Detail parameters


Q195 Steel Slotted Angle
1.Material:Q195 steel
2.Size:the width can be from 20mm to 60mm with the length 8 feet to 10 feet

Specification for our slotted angles as follow:
1.Product Name:slotted angle
2.Material:Q195 steel
Size of slotted angles

20*201mm-2mm8 to 100.61-1.530.6-1.51
25*251mm-2mm8 to 100.77-1.910.77-1.89
30*301mm-2mm8 to 100.92-2.290.91-2.27
35*351mm-2mm8 to 101.07-2.671.06-2.64
36*361mm-2mm8 to 101.10-2.751.09-2.72
37*371mm-2mm8 to 101.13-2.821.12-2.79
38*381mm-2mm8 to 101.16-2.901.15-2.87
40*401mm-2mm8 to 101.22-3.051.21-3.02
40*601mm-2mm8 to 101.53-3.811.52-3.76

Different sizes are also can produce.Tell me the specification or send me drawings of the slotted angle,and then we can produce it as your request.

4.Pacakage:10 pieces per bundle with pvc cloth,or 10 pcs per bundle with carton.Also can as your request
5.Color:grey,white,blue,brown,etc.These are our common colors of our slotted angle.The color also can be designed according to your need.
6.Transport:mainly by ship
7. Delivery time:within 30 days
8.Payment terms:T/T or L/C
9.Application:Slotted angle is the ideal material to build carts,ladders,benches,shelves,racks or any other type of structure.It has been widly used to assemble light duty racks.Both large supermarket,or small supermarket,suc as book store,medical supermarkets,grocery stores,even in factories and warehouse,you can see the slotted angle shelves.

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